Maggie: you either love her or you hate her (or have no idea who she is)

Margaret-Thatcher-redoApparently nothing (except the threat of nuclear war) actually happened in the world since Maggie Thatcher died. I really did try to look for something else to write about, but in the end I just gave in.

The reaction (great poll) to her death has been interesting, to say the least. She stirs fond memories in some and hate in others. The ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell posted a Twitter tribute to her and swiftly received such a torrent of abuse (“take thatcher and girl power and shove them up your skinny ginger arse u thick c**t”) that she deleted her tweet and apologised.

Then it seems a sizeable chunk of the world doesn’t even know who she was, as the Huffington Post rather amusingly reports:

ThatcherTweet1 ThatcherTweet2

According to the Daily Mail, a TV station in Taiwan mistook Maggie for Liz and broadcast that the Queen had died. A similar incident in Thailand had a TV station accidentally using photos of Meryl Streep from the biopic The Iron Lady. Oops.

Some people hated Thatcher so much that they celebrated her death with riots and booze. That most of those rioting were not even alive when Maggie was in power is a little factoid I’ll let you make you own mind up about.

So…who the hell was she?

The Guardian has an excellent video biography, as does the BBC.

On YouTube (and therefore embeddable on WordPress), ITN has a good brief bio:

And here’s a video montage of her most memorable quotes, from the New York Times:

Bottom line: 40 per cent loved; 40 per cent hated; 20 per cent huh?

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