Chin up, Nick

Nick Grimshaw breakfast showPoor young Nick Grimshaw. He may have stupid hair but he’s only 28 and is taking a hell of a lot of flak for losing almost a million viewers since he started presenting Radio 1’s breakfast show in September.

Maybe that’s why the BBC is sending him on tour – to go and win some fans back with a flick of that quiff.

In all fairness to Nick, he’s got big shoes to fill. His predecessor Chris Moyles had a big mouth (probably a good thing for a DJ), but there’s a reason he gets to call himself the “saviour” of Radio 1. With eight years on the job, Moyles left Radio 1 the most popular DJ around, with 6.7m listeners compared to Nick Grimshaw’s 5.8m. There’s been a lot of media speculation about whether Moyles (who is now 39) was pushed from the flagship morning show because Radio 1 wanted a younger crowd. His average listener was 32.

Chris Moyles

Even with 2013’s digi-savvy YouTube-obsessed generation, Radio is still surprisingly popular. Radio 1 has 10.26m listeners (a sixth of the UK population) and Radio 2 has 15.3m. Also surprisingly (and encouragingly, in my opinion), talk Radio 4 has 11m listeners, 7m of whom listen to the news and current affairs based Today programme.

Bottom line: entertainment is a cut-throat business, but at least the Beeb is engaging the nation.

2 thoughts on “Chin up, Nick

  1. Izzy Maxwell Watts

    Also I believe that people listen to their chosen radio DJ for them, you build a relationship with your DJ and so I think it was inevitable for Nick to lose some viewers purely because he isn;t Chris, not because he is a bad host. I think we should give him more time and things will change 🙂 Great article by the way 🙂


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