Is the UK becoming just ‘K’?

Britain has lost its perspective. Either that or its had one too many pints. Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, had to flee demonstrators in Edinburgh yesterday who were calling him racist, and take refuge in a pub. Safe in a BBC radio studio after he had been extracted by police, he called the demonstrators “fascist scum“.

This depresses me hugely, because it it synonymous with why Britain is in decline. Here are the three big problems:

  1. Much of Scotland wants to break away from the UK.
  2. Much of the UK wants to break away from Europe.
  3. Much of Europe thinks the UK has lost the plot.

Only Europe is right.

And I’m not even going to waste your time explaining why the UK is stronger with Scotland / Scotland is stronger with the UK and the UK is stronger with Europe / vice versa.

I will just make one point, and it is this: we are getting left behind.

Germany, which was beaten in two World Wars in the last 100 years and all but flattened in 1945, now has an economy and population a third bigger than the UK. It more or less directs European power. China has at least 11 cities with bigger populations than London and more money sitting in their central bank in foreign currencies than three and a half times yearly UK government expenditure (to say nothing of Chinese government expenditure).

Bottom line: let’s get over petty squabbling – there are bigger fish to fry.

2 thoughts on “Is the UK becoming just ‘K’?

  1. kelvingrove2013

    “Much of Scotland wants to break away from the UK.”

    Recent opinion polls suggest that “some” would be a better word as there is certainly no clear majority wishing to leave.


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