Why you should totally ignore the media coverage of Nigella Lawson being throttled

Nigella Lawson

Jean-Paul, The Sunday People / Mirror

Apparently the Leveson Inquiry didn’t yield terribly much, because pictures of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson being strangled by her husband in public are all over the front pages. It’s rather drowned out the more important story about the UK government spying on world leaders during a summit the country hosted in 2009.

You should ignore these reports (about Nigella) and refrain from the Twitter-obsession. Not because domestic abuse is something between a man and wife — it is right that the police are starting an inquiry and that members of the public went forward to report the incident. But the Mirror published the pictures for profit, not to protect a woman in an abusive relationship.

And so they should, you might say. It’s in the public interest to know about their role models and how they live their lives so that our young children are influenced by the right people…yeah sure, but Nigella teaches our children how to bake cookies, not how to be a good wife. We should not ask the latter from her. Instead we should be role models ourselves — expecting celebrities to teach us how to live is a bit like expecting a four-year-old to deliver a public monologue on the virtues of media independence.

If you aren’t convinced by my argument that tabloids aren’t worth the time it takes to stamp on them, watch The Spike UK.

Bottom line: on what planet is it fair to parade a woman’s shame in front of the world, just because she cooks on TV?

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