Why “Caution, contents may be hot” on a coffee cup is a good idea

Blindingly obvious advice on labels is a common pet hate. I mean, why would you write “may contain nuts” on a packet of peanuts? Well…here’s your answer.

People really are that dumb. I have two examples to share with you. The first involves a 31-year old woman who was admitted to hospital with a dodgy heartbeat and fainting spells. Turns out she didn’t have some terrible debilitating inherited disease—she had just been drinking two litres a day of Coca-Cola for 16 years.

Fab news for Coca-Cola. Bad news for this woman’s heart. Fortunately (?) she made a complete recovery within a week.

The second rather more tragic case involves a teenage boy from the States who died from heart palpitations (basically a heart attack). His problem? Drinking at least two cans of Monster energy drink every day for three years (like Red Bull). His mother is suing the company that makes the drink.

But seriously…people are dumb. You can die from pretty much anything if you have too much of it, including water.

Bottom line: the solution, I guess, is to continue assuming that people have zero common sense.

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