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Bullying George Osborne is both funny and cruel

Britain’s chancellor, George Osborne, would have a bloody hard time even if it wasn’t for the economic crisis he is trying so hard to fix (with limited success). Just take #burgergate, for example, or “shamburger” as some have taken to calling it.

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You should all want to be spacemen

Or at least spacemen like Canadian Chris Hadfield, who just got back from his latest sojourn into weightlessness. Chris has been an internet hit. I mean, you’d have to be if you’re cool enough to produce a music video of Ground Control to Major Tom from the International Space Station.

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So we all make mistakes…

…but some of them are funnier than others. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t been at least a little nervous about starting a new job, but usually they don’t get fired on the first day.

Unfortunately for Mr AJ Clemente, a newbie news anchor on the US North Dakota NBC channel, when his first words on air were “f******g s**t”, it wasn’t an anxiety dream the night before. Here’s the clip:

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A comedic interlude

At times like these, when everyone else is writing about either terrorism in Boston or funerals in London, it strikes me (and apparently Frankie Boyle) that people may need cheering up. But you’ve already seen the sneezing panda 158 million times. So here’s something different.

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