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What do young people in Britain actually believe?

Here’s a list of interesting points about the beliefs of young Britons today, put together by the Economist in a recent leader.

Most young people believe…

1) Sexual preference and homosexuality are just non-issues. Young people in Britain really don’t care what others get up to at home – or even in public – and the government shouldn’t either. Gay marriage? Meh.

2) Mass immigration is something we should worry about. Facing appalling job prospects, young people are concerned that immigration is becoming a problem. All the same, they wish politicians wouldn’t keep banging on about it.

3) Less than 30 per cent of those under 35 think that welfare is one of Britain’s proudest achievements (compared to 61 per cent of post-WW2 baby boomers). They think Britain actually spends too much on welfare and support cutting down on the amount of government funding it gets.

4) Global warming is a biggie.

5) Tesco can rule the world if it wants, just so long as it still sells cheap food.

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UK: A four party state

It’s a good day for Nigel Farage

The counting may not be over, but the result of Britain’s local elections seems pretty clear: the country is now a four-party state. The UK Independence Party is projected to win at least a quarter of votes. They’ve been labelled “patriots” by their supporters and “racists” by their detractors. So what does UKIP’s rise mean for Britain?

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Elections today may have the odd surprise to keep you on your toes

David Cameron and Nick Clegg

Don’t bite those nails!

England (and Anglesey) is voting today in local elections, both at the council and parish level (with a couple of mayors and one MP). That’s over 2,300 seats available. In may ways, local elections will have more of an impact on your life than full-scale general ones. So get out there and vote.

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