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Are young people really a menace on the roads?

I hate being pegged. In my early twenties I used to drive past a primary school on my way to work and every morning would coincide with the lollipop lady and a troupe of five-year-olds. I could feel the accusative stares directed at me when the parents reigned back their kids as I bore down on their zebra crossing in my VW Polo. At 12 miles an hour.

Then there’s the look of surprise, followed swiftly by the ushering on of Johnny and Claire, with the odd furtive glance in my direction to see if the road rage had overcome me. Then, just cos I like to prove that I’m not one of those hooligans my mum always used to tell me about, I’d thank them for getting in my way.

So no, we’re not always a menace. But I am also guilty of once trying to find out how fast my car went (not very with a 1.4 litre engine).

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Ladies and gentlemen, the 9:02 service to London Paddington is delayed. Again.

Complaining about public transport (and the weather) comes about as naturally to Brits as karaoke and kebabs to a drunk person.

Unfortunately, we have good reason for discontent when it comes to the rail network. Its infrastructure operator, National Rail, claims that 91.6 per cent of its 22,500 passenger services each year run on time. Sounds good, until you realise that if you commute by rail, you’ll be late once a week.

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