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We’re all immigration officers now

Panicked by the rise of anti-immigration Britain, the government is readying its defences against those bothersome Bulgarians and roving Romanians, judging by the Queen’s Speech today.

It’s no coincidence that an immigration bill is on the agenda in the same year that those two countries gain full membership of the EU (allowing them to come and live work more freely in the UK). Its content, interestingly, looks almost like it’s designed to turn the indigenous population into informants. Maybe that’s a bit extreme… but perhaps you’re the best judge of that. Here are the main points:

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Welfare cuts draw blood

It strikes me that April Fool’s Day is an oddly appropriate choice to usher in some of the biggest spending cuts to Britain’s welfare state since its inception. But for all the anti-austerity protests of recent years, these cuts seem surprisingly popular. 

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