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Is the UK becoming just ‘K’?

Britain has lost its perspective. Either that or its had one too many pints. Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, had to flee demonstrators in Edinburgh yesterday who were calling him racist, and take refuge in a pub. Safe in a BBC radio studio after he had been extracted by police, he called the demonstrators “fascist scum“.

This depresses me hugely, because it it synonymous with why Britain is in decline. Here are the three big problems:

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We’re all immigration officers now

Panicked by the rise of anti-immigration Britain, the government is readying its defences against those bothersome Bulgarians and roving Romanians, judging by the Queen’s Speech today.

It’s no coincidence that an immigration bill is on the agenda in the same year that those two countries gain full membership of the EU (allowing them to come and live work more freely in the UK). Its content, interestingly, looks almost like it’s designed to turn the indigenous population into informants. Maybe that’s a bit extreme… but perhaps you’re the best judge of that. Here are the main points:

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A lesson in missing the point

With the United Kingdom Independence Party’s impressive gains last week in England’s local elections, public focus has turned towards Europe and what it does for Britain. Lord Nigel Lawson is the latest to weigh in, but he (and his critics) have completely missed the point.

Lord Lawson, once a member of Maggie Thatcher’s cabinet, wrote an article in the Times this morning saying that he would be voting against the UK’s membership of the EU in 2017, because being a member is “extremely damaging” to the country. (He’s Nigella Lawson’s old man, by the way – imaginative naming, huh?)

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Triple dip? You aint seen nothin’ yet

In economics, everybody is in the same boat. Everybody has an oar, rowing in a different direction. Everybody’s oar is a different size. Oh, and there’s a wind. And strong currents. And the odd waterfall.

So it is in Cyprus this morning, as people rise to the knowledge that some of their savings are about to be taken to bail out their sinking banks. I feel sorry for the people of Cyprus, which include a large number of British service personnel. But the big danger is that this bailout (or rather, “bail-in”) will do just the opposite of what it intends: plunge Europe back into financial crisis. This is how…

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