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GCSE reforms: shrewd move or bad joke?

No government can feel satisfied with itself until it has “overhauled” the education system. This one is no different, but is it going in the right direction?

The education secretary, Michael Gove, has a plan for GCSEs meant to make Britain more competitive in the world and tackle ‘grade inflation’. The concern is that Britain’s education system is falling behind – the Chinese work harder, the Americans are more innovative, the Germans more logical and the Scandianvians are just better. And there have been more passes and higher grades every year that GCSEs have been taken since their invention in 1988.

So what’s going to change?

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I Will Not Let Exam Results Decide My Fate

The sad thing about education is that by the time you realise what it’s worth, you’re too late.

A good friend suggested yesterday that I watch a thought-provoking YouTube rapper/rhymer with a knack for picking holes in the fabric of Britain’s education system. I did, and I’d like to share him with you too.

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