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Who needs a prefix anyway?

Once in a blue moon a banker does something so out of character it makes you wonder if someone squished his Bentley…just to show him who’s boss. So it is with Mr Crosby of HBOS, who a few days ago I would have called ‘Sir’ James.

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So are you in…or are you out?

Union flag and the SaltireYou’ve got to have balls of steel (figuratively) to be one of the three Falkland Islanders who voted against remaining a part of the United Kingdom in a referendum earlier this month. How they could look the 1,517 yes-voters in the eye I do not know… Maybe they can’t, which would explain why they ticked the wrong box.

The Falkland’s referendum was a blatant political statement, but it’s not the only one catching headlines at the moment. It was announced today that Thursday 18 December next year is the moment of truth for Scotland: to stay in the UK, or to leave it.

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Triple dip? You aint seen nothin’ yet

In economics, everybody is in the same boat. Everybody has an oar, rowing in a different direction. Everybody’s oar is a different size. Oh, and there’s a wind. And strong currents. And the odd waterfall.

So it is in Cyprus this morning, as people rise to the knowledge that some of their savings are about to be taken to bail out their sinking banks. I feel sorry for the people of Cyprus, which include a large number of British service personnel. But the big danger is that this bailout (or rather, “bail-in”) will do just the opposite of what it intends: plunge Europe back into financial crisis. This is how…

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