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Show me the money

Getting rich people to pay taxes seems just about as difficult as climbing Everest in your nightie. During a blizzard.

Well, today some of the world’s richest people have been named and shamed for their penchant to stash money in offshore accounts, mostly in the British Virgin Islands near the Caribbean.

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The “aspiration nation”

A mere six hours from his Twitter debut, Britain’s chancellor, George Osborne, had 27,800 followers. Before he could so much as tweet twice, he was greeted with more than a few angry obscenities including delights such as “@George_Osborne go stick your cock in a tiger.” And that’s before he even started speaking. Needless to say, Britain’s 2013 Budget is a tender issue.

Here’s a run down of the most important points for young people in Britain. (I have ignored stuff which doesn’t really affect our jinxed generation. The full summary of Budget changes is here).

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